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August 31, 2014 
Banana drawing while waiting for my college crush to finish playing racquetball.
Art class today
Benedict cumberbatch 

Birthday present for my best buddy,  fef. Happy birthday foo!!
When I see a man with sexier legs than me
Finished the charicature of myself after a tedious war with my laziness.
Painted my watercolor palette
Doodles!  Of haru and my friend’s younger brother ^w^
Self portrait 
Scritching with ink.
K. Will
아주 잘 생기진 않았는데
내가 웃을 땐 좀 괜찮은 것 같애
Haru 이쁘게 잘아라
Quick paint of my friend’s graduation cap by her request.
Kang Haneul.